Who we are

On 29 June 2000 the organization “Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan, Apna Ghar” was established at village Bajhera, District Bharatpur of Rajasthan (India), only 40 k.m away from world-famous Taj Mahal Agra by Dr. B.M.Bhardwaj and Dr. Madhuri Bhardwaj. To serve the homeless helpless destitute sick persons who are facing a very painful phase of life, the Organization established ‘Apna Ghar.’ Ashram (Residential home for destitute), where all necessities like treatment, food, clothing, care and other requirements are provided without any charges and with public support.
Along with their helpmates, Dr. Bhardwaj couple is continuing their mission to give homage, hope and happiness to homeless, destitute, oppressed, helpless, abandoned, mentally and physically sick, injured, infected, old aged and dying condition persons. These persons are generally found on the railway stations, bus stands, religious and other public places in very unhygienic, critically diseased and painful condition. Nobody comes forward to help or even to touch them. So due to lack of food, medicine, and care, their condition becomes more and more critical and even they generally go towards lingering and painful death. All of our efforts are to reduce their pain, save their lives and give them a homely environment with food, shelter, and medical treatment without any charges. After recovery, the Organization rehabilitates them in various ways so that they can live with respect and dignity and also they can stand themselves in the mainstream of society.

There are 54 Apna Ghar Ashrams are running presently in 11 States of India and one in Kathmandu Nepal where more than 9500 such types of Prabhuji (Resident) are being residing and being served by the Organisation.

What we do

The Organisation is working for the homeless, helpless, hopeless, destitute persons generally found in very harsh and painful conditions on roadsides, railway stations, bus stands, religious and other public places. Having been neglected by society, without food, water, and clothing, they generally go towards lingering death. Without proper treatment and wound care, they are frequently found infested with maggots. The Organisation runs residential homes by the name 'ApnaGhar Ashram', where all facilities like treatment, food, clothing, personal care, and medical/surgical treatments are provided free of cost, with the support and generosity of the society.
There are 54 such ApnaGhar Ashrams at present within 11 states of India, including one in Kathmandu, Nepal. In all these Ashrams 9732 (Male 5979 + Female 3753) Prabhujis (Resident) are residing at present and being served by the organization in which 4210 (Male 1772 + Female 2438) are residing at ApnaGhar Ashram Bharatpur (The Headquarter of the Organisation). The Prabhujis (Resident) are suffering from conditions such as mental illness, intellectual disabilities, HIV+, visual loss, deafness, fractures, leprosy, TB, Asthma, and epilepsy old age. There are no age limits for our residents, and we have both children and the elderly. We also provide shelter, nutrition, and medical care for more than 250 sick and injured cows, dogs, cats, monkeys, donkeys, horses, nilgai, peacock, parrots and other birds at our Bharatpur Ashram.
The Resident living in ApnaGhar Ashrams are referred to as ‘Prabhuji (Form of God) Our Prabhujis (Resident) are generally those individuals who have been abandoned, due to the degradation of moral values in society. The services offered by our Ashrams, and the organization, attempt to re-establish the moral values of caring for the downtrodden and the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Many visitors who have come to our Ashrams have left feeling inspired, especially by the work of our dedicated volunteers.
The Organisation provides opportunities for the public to get involved not only by financial contributions but also in the form of voluntary service for our residents, helping in the day to day to running of the Ashrams and providing administrative support. The Organisation operates in a very transparent manner and visitors are struck by the conviction and dedication of the staff who are offering services at ApnaGhar Ashrams. The organization has opened up its doors to all those individuals who wish to offer something back to society, in the form of selfless service.

How we work

The helpless or destitute persons who are the focus of our work, are unable to make their own way to the Ashrams. We have dedicated ambulances, paramedics, and special rescue teams who work closely also with the police and other government organizations. At Bharatpur Ashram our rescue team covers an area up to the threshold of 400 km and in our other Ashrams, the rescue team covers an area of about 100 km from the Ashram base. Our Ashrams will accept referrals for Prabhuji’s anywhere in India, who are found in a critical condition or in exceptional circumstances. Following the admission of Prabhujis to our Ashramas, and after they have received the necessities of life and appropriate treatment for their ailments, attempts are made towards rehabilitation with their families, with the help of administration and police. The organization has set up Apna Ghar Sewa Samitis and helplines, within different geographical locations in the country, where Prabhujis can be picked up and brought to the nearest Apna Ghar Ashram. Presently 42 Samitis and 60 ApnaGhar Helplines are running throughout India, by our Organisation.

Staff and Volunteers

Patient centered care is being provided on an individual basis to every Prabhu Ji and the animal shelter (JeevSewa) also run on the same principle. More than 1000 employed staff & more than 2000 volunteers are involved in the provision of services to the Prabhujis in all 54 Ashrams. 37 type of qualified and trained staff ( Chief Administrative Officer, Administration Officer Finance & Implementation, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nursing Staff, Lab Technician, Ward in charge, Supervisor, Caretaker, Multi-Purpose Worker, Cooks, Washermen, GateKeeper, Visit in-charge, Tailor, Gopalak, Veterinary Compounder, Gardener, Watchman, Building Supervisor, Computer Operator, Cashier, Accountant, Purchase clerk, Storekeeper, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Software Engineer, Teacher, Sweeper, General In-charge, Peon, Telephone Operator, Trainer, Counsellor) are all offering their services in the Ashrams.

Medical facility

Most of the Prabhuji (Resident) brought to the Ashram are suffering from different types of ailments. Hence medical/surgical treatment plays a significant part in the service we offer them. There is a team of doctors (Physician, Surgeon, Orthopaedic surgeon, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Eye Surgeon and Anaesthesia Doctor, Chest specialist, Psychologist, and Dental Surgeon) who are available to offer their services to our Bharatpur Ashram, as required on an urgent basis. For patients who are in a more critical condition, there is an arrangement with local hospitals where medical investigations and treatments (medical and surgical) are provided to our Prabhujis. If there are cases that require specialist input, then they are sent to Medical College for treatment. Similar arrangements exist at our other Ashramas, where treatments of common ailments are provided by the Ashram staff.

Diet and Nutrition

Most of the Prabhujis admitted in the Ashrams are either sick or malnourished. Therefore the diet arrangement is a very important and essential part of their recovery. With breakfast, lunch, refreshment and dinner, fruits, milk, and protein supplements are also made available to these Prabhujis.

General Body, Executives/Office Bearers

The organisation has a general managing committee and executive board at national level, the headquarters of which is at Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Each Ashram, Samiti and Helpline have a separate general managing committee and executive board which manage all affairs pertaining to the Ashrams’ daily activities. They take their own decisions on how to run the Ashram. The Ashrams are monitored by designated ‘Ashram Coordinators’ who check the service activities of the Ashram as a whole and send their report relating to their observations, every month to the office bearers and executive team based at Bharatpur Ashram headquarters. If there are any serious issues regarding lapses in services reported by the Coordinator, appropriate action is taken to rectify this.

Worship and Recreation

The Prabhujis  living in the Ashrams belong to different religions and casts. Therefore, the facilities for worship as per their religion and customs are made available at every home in the Ashram known as “Sarve Dharm Prarthna Sthal”. Recreation facilities such as TV, music system and different types of play equipment and instruments are available for the Prabhujis.

Our Approach & Operating Model

The Prabhujis who are rescued require urgent attention to their personal care, therefore a rescue team consisting of (1 nursing staff + 1 caretaker + first aid treatment kit + Bathing washing and hygiene kit + emergency medicine kit + clothing) with an Ambulance is available at every Ashram to attend to every case. The information of these Prabhujis is generally received through members/volunteers of the organization, general public, police, administration, other NGOs, media, etc. There are 24X7 centralized helpline numbers 8599999911 / 22 working at the Bharatpur Ashram (HQ of the Organisation). The rescue team departs immediately when any information about any prabuji is received. The team provides first aid, food, personal hygiene and bathing, clothing, etc. as per the necessity and pick up the helpless Prabhuji from the spot, completing legal formalities from the concerning police station, following which, the Prabhuji is admitted to the Apna Ghar Ashram. They are taken to their allocated ward which has been identified as suitable for their needs, where they are provided with all facilities like bedding, medical treatment, food, clothing, personal care, and other necessities until they recover fully. During the period of the Prabhuji’s stay, efforts are made so that the Prabhuji’s family can be traced. Breakfast is served at 7.30 AM, lunch at 11.30 AM, refreshment 2.30 PM and dinner at 6.30 PM is made available to all Prabhujis.

During treatment, as per their health and mental status, these prabujis also participate in different service activities such as cooking, washing, care for each other, cleaning, office work, medical support, general assistance, security, education, counselling to other Prabhu Ji, etc. Our prime objective is not only to satisfy their hunger but to cater to their emotional and psychological needs. We continue to counsel the Prabhu Ji to locate their whereabouts and family connections, taking the help of local services such as the Police. Once the family of the Prabhu Ji is traced, they are respectfully handed over to the custody of their family by completing necessary legal and documentation formalities. Our process can be summarised as the 3 ‘R’s i.e. Rescue – Rehabilitation – Reintegration.

Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur (Rajasthan), the headquarter of the Organisation, is one of the biggest institution (Ashram) of its category regarding capacity, number of Prabhu Ji (Resident), specification and specialties. More than 4000 Prabhu Ji are residing and taken care of in this Ashram at present. In this Ashram, not only the helpless human beings but also helpless accidental sick cows, other animals, and birds are being provided treatment, care, and shelter.

To provide immediate services to every needy helpless sick person and their immediate rescue from spot there are 42 Apna Ghar Sewa Samities and 60 Helplines are presently working in various cities in India.

The object of the Organisation is to make these persons productive for their family and society, so after recovery, more than 23000+ such Prabhu Ji has been rehabilitated till date in 23 different states of India including Nepal and Bangladesh.

Our Vision & Mission


To save every helpless hopeless sick person who is in harsh and painful conditions and going towards lingering death due to lack of help and support on roadside, religious and other public places.


To serve the living image of God by helping all those who are facing a hopeless and painful phase in life. The Organization is applying all efforts to save the lives of these persons with the blessing of almighty God. Apna Ghar provides a safe, secure, and homely environment with treatment, shelter, food, clothes and other necessity of life to these homeless helpless deprived sick persons.

Apna Ghar Ashram Genesis

Dr. B.M.Bhardwaj, studying in class 6 in village Sahroi in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district, saw the pathetic condition of 85-year-old Chiranji Baba in his village. This Baba used to feed cattle in the village. He used to take the animals of the villagers to graze and in return the villagers gave him clothes and food, but when Baba got injured no one came forward to take care and and for his treatment, which caused maggots in his wounds and Baba expired in that critical condition.
This incident had a profound impact on the life of Dr. BM Bhardwaj and it inspired him to serve the persons like Chiranji baba so that no one should face this situation in life ever. In the meantime, he met Dr. Madhuri, who wanted to work for the service of destitute children herself. They both decided to get married with the aim of serving such people and further decided not to have their own child and established the organisation ‘Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa
Sadan Apna Ghar’ with their helpmates for this purpose on 29 June 2000 to serve the humanity.


Number Of Prabhuji (Resident) In Apna Ghar Ashrams

S.No. Name Place No. of Prabhuji
1 Apna Ghar Bharatpur Rajasthan 4631
2 Apna Ghar Ajmer Rajasthan 124
3 Apna Ghar Kota Rajasthan 234
4 Apna Ghar Alwar Rajasthan 82
5 Apna Ghar Pooth Khurd New Delhi 607
6 Apna Ghar Bikaner Rajasthan 109
7 Apna Ghar Kokilavan Uttar Pradesh 104
8 Apna Ghar Jodhpur Rajasthan 188
9 Apna Ghar Old Age Home Bikaner Rajasthan 199
10 Apna Ghar Budhpur Delhi 251
11 Apna Ghar Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan 138
12 Apna Ghar Deaf & Dumb School Ajmer Rajasthan 99
13 Apna Ghar Shamli Uttar Pradesh 135
14 Apna Ghar Pali Rajasthan 43
15 Apna Ghar Nokha Rajasthan 390
16 Apna Ghar Hindaun Rajasthan 70
17 Apna Ghar Bassi Rajasthan 175
18 Apna Ghar Hathras Uttar Pradesh 64
19 Apna Ghar Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh 100
20 Apna Ghar Govardhan Uttar Pradesh 81
21 Apna Ghar Firozabad Uttar Pradesh 59
21 Apna Ghar Dabra Madhya Pradesh 79
23 Apna Ghar Purulia West Bengal 141
24 Apna Ghar Shukratal Uttar Pradesh 228
25 Apna Ghar Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 287
26 Apna Ghar Meerut Uttar Pradesh 53
27 Apna Ghar Bhiwani Haryana 155
28 Apna Ghar Kathmandu Nepal 127
29 Apna Ghar Umta Gujarat 55
30 Apna Ghar Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 106
31 Apna Ghar Jaipur Rajasthan 36
32 Apna Ghar Alwar (Female) Rajasthan 94
33 Apna Ghar Jamdoli, Jaipur Rajasthan 109
34 Apna Ghar Raigarh Chhattisgarh 44
35 Apna Ghar Aminagar Sarai (Baghpat) Uttar Pradesh 19
36 Apna Ghar Vadodara Gujarat 37
37 Apna Ghar Kuchaman City Rajasthan 52
38 Apna Ghar Udaipur Rajasthan 18
39 Apna Ghar Gandhidham Gujarat 26
40 Apna Ghar Bari Rajasthan 42
41 Apna Ghar Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh 69
42 Apna Ghar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 53
43 Apna Ghar Pushkar Rajasthan 26
44 Apna Ghar Cuttach Odisha 74
45 Apna Ghar Pilkhuwa [Hapur] Uttar Pradesh 142
46 Apna Ghar Pune [Mahila] Maharashtra 80
47 Apna Ghar Shivpuri[Mahila] Madhya Pradesh 26
48 Apna Ghar Noida Uttar Pradesh 252
49 Apna Ghar Pune [Male] Maharashtra 83
50 Apna Ghar Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 21
51 Apna Ghar Bijaynagar Rajasthan 26
52 Apna Ghar Neem Ka Thana Rajasthan 56
53 Apna Ghar Punjab Khor Delhi 116
54 Apna Ghar Raipur Chhattisgarh 46