Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur 

Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur (Rajasthan), the headquarter of the Organisation, is one of the biggest institution (Ashram) of its category regarding capacity, number of Prabhu Ji. (Resident), specification and specialities. More than 4200 Prabhu Ji are residing and taken care of in this Ashram at present. In this Ashram, not only the helpless human beings but also helpless accidental sick cows, other animals, and birds are being providing treatment, care, and shelter.

To provide immediate services for every needy helpless sick person and their immediate rescue from spot there are 42 Apna Ghar Sewa Samities and 60 Helplines are presently working in various cities of India.

The object of the Organisation is to make these persons productive for their family and society, so after recovery, more than 23000 such Prabhu Ji has been rehabilitated to date in 23 different states of India including Nepal and Bangladesh.

Our Projects

As per policy of the Organization every homeless helpless destitute person must compulsorily be admitted in the Ashram as he cannot be denied on the ground of limited residential and other facilities in that severe condition. The Ashrams outside Bharatpur which have limited capacity and resources has been instructed to transfer excess no.of Prabhu Ji (Resident) to Bharatpur where the arrangements for these Prabhu Ji are made by anyhow and anyway. The arrangements for all Prabhu Ji are been made and categorized as per their disease, need, age, gender, and physical abilities.

There are following projects are being run by the Organisation at present for the Prabhuji:

Senior Citizen Home Separate for Male and Female

These homes are for those senior citizens, who are sick and abandoned. The homes are dormitory type having medical and other facilities and having capacity 150 each. There are 165 male and 157 female senior citizens presently residing and taken care of. In these homes, there are physiotherapy, open gym, hospital facilities are also available. Religious and spiritual facilities, open area for a walk, trained staff, and ambulance facility for 24 hours are also available for these old aged persons. The organization is providing a homely environment to live with respect and dignity for all these senior citizens.

Tuberculosis Home separate for Male and Female

These homeless helpless sick Prabhujis are generally found in very dirty and unhygienic conditions and are very fragile about tuberculosis in these malnourished conditions and there are no medical facilities available for them as they have no identity card with them. In ApnaGhar Ashram there are separate homes for males and females for these Prabhujis having capacity 50 each, where more than 80 patients always remain in these homes and this process is going on and on. The quality treatment for these Prabhuji is being made available through government DOTs and also at the organisation level. Routine check-up, X-ray and pathological tests are conducted regularly. Protein supplements, vitamins, minerals are given regularly as per doctor's advice and a high calorie diet is provided as per need of these patients. By this, the recovery of these Prabhu Ji is going very fast and more than 12 Prabhuji rehabilitates every month by this process.

Apna Ghar Lilavati Hospital for Investigation, Operation and Treatment for critical illness

Most of the Prabhuji rescued in very critical and painful conditions. They require immediate investigation and treatment at the time of admission. Apart from them, the Prabhuji residing in ApnaGhar Ashram also need operations or treatment for their critical illness. ApnaGharLiawati Hospital is running by the organization in the premises of Bharatpur Ashram for the investigation, treatment and operation of these Prabhuji having separate ward for male and female with capacity of 18 beds each. This hospital have double table operation theatre, pathology lab, 300 MA digital X-Ray machine, I.C.U ward, and other required facilities. In this hospital, the Physician, surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, gynecologist, anesthesia doctors are providing their services voluntarily. Through this hospital, the Prabhuji get immediate services whereas it was very difficult earlier to get timely treatment or operations for Prabhujis at government or other hospitals level.

Epilespy Home separate for Male and Female

These Prabhujis also rescue form roadsides and provided separate residential facilities at ground floor, the plane area where no risk of fire and water tank, etc. Trained staff and proper treatment are being made available for these Prabhujis. Separate need base residential arrangements are also made available to these Prabhujis.

Children home separate for Boys and Girls

Many of the female Prabhuji rescued by the organization are generally left by their families on religious and other places due to mentally or various other critical illnesses. On roadside they generally exploited, due to which they become pregnant or they part from their families in the pregnant condition. So this is a special home for those children who are generally admitted with their mother or born here from these pregnant mothers. Due to lack of care, medication, and vaccination, most of the children are born premature or underweight. So additional nutrition and support have to be provided to these children. Due to physically and mentally disability more than 50% of the mothers are not able to take care of their children. Therefore these children are kept with separate, additional care and support. There are more than 135 children residing in the children home running by the Ashram at present. Separate arrangements for male and female children with facilities of education, sports, and other recreation facilities are available in this home. The computer training and e-Education are also available for these children.


The organization is running a school up to the 8th Standardfor these children. The facility of the school buses for these children is also available. For providing better education 11 teachers are deputed on 151 students and also tuition, smart classes, sports, library facilities are made available to these students. For the future of the students above 8th class, education is providing in leading schools in the Bharatpur District of Rajasthan. To secure the future of these children, the main three focus area of the organization is to provide them proper education, proper health, and sacrament so that they can easily face the challenges of life and can fulfill their dreams as per their wish.

Hepatitis Home separate for Male and Female

The Prabhuji having hepatitis have also separate facilities for males and females. There are more than 130 such Prabhuji right now residing in the Ashram where special arrangements for treatment, food as per need are available. The staff is kept at high alert in these homes and needs base, light and high-calorie food ensure for these Prabhuji.

Support in Natural calamity at National and International Level

The organization is providing support in natural calamities at National and International levels. During the calamity of Bihar flood in the year 2008, Kedarnath tragedy of June 2013, Jammu Kashmir flood tragedy of September 2014, Nepal earthquake tragedy of April 2015 and Kerala flood calamity of August 2018, the organization provided relief to the victims on spot. One team of the organization visited at once in the affected places and provided support to the victims. All Ashrams and Samities organized relief collection camps for the victims every such time.

HIV Home separate for Male and Female

In the present society, these Prabhuji are facing a very painful phase of life due to the social stigma of HIV. These Prabhuji compel to face the rudeness of their family and pain of this disease. Even the family abandon these persons when they know about this disease due to social stigma and these persons have to face the very harsh and painful condition of life on roads and also they are abused there and it becomes very dangerous for the society. Although in this stage, they need more care and support of their near and dear ones. For the support of these persons, ApnaGhar has separate male and female homes having capacity 50 each where more than 110 such types of Prabhuji are residing in these homes. There are special arrangements for treatment, care, food and counselling to these Prabujis at an individual level in ApnaGhar. Due to proper care and treatment they have less possibility of secondary infections. While on the roadsides they were unable to save themselves, now in ApnaGhar they are providing services and support to other helpless persons and live with respect and dignity.

Home for Mentally Unhealthyseparate for Male and Female

The number of mentally unhealthy persons is the largest in ApnaGhar. Since their treatment part is lifelong so it is very difficult for the families to handle them. Therefore due to poorness and social status, their families generally abandon them at religious and other public places, or due to negligence these persons part from their families. There is no care, food and other facilities for them in these places so the condition of these persons decreases day by day, and has many infectious problems. In these harsh and painful conditions, the organization rescues them from various places like railway stations, religious and other public places. There are more than 2500 such types of Prabhujis residing and under treatment right now. There are separate arrangements for these Prabhujis as per their condition mild, moderatee and severe and also separate campus for male and female. In these homes, alongwith with proper treatment, food, clothing, care, etc the facility of entertainment, prayer, yoga are also available. Besides this, the mentally unhealthy persons having other diseases, fracture, TB, HIV, etc. are provided separate arrangements and facilities for the same.

M.R. Home separate for Male and Female

These persons also found on roadsides in very unhygienic and painful conditions due to their helpless conditions. They are also left by their families due to poorness and social status or part from them due to negligence. Rescue of these persons is done by the rescue team of the organization and separate home for male and female are available where all facilities are providing as per their need so that they may live a normal life. There are more than 200 such types of Prabhuji mild, moderate and severe residing in the Ashram right now and taken care of.

Jeev Sewa Grah separate arrangement for accidental and sick cow birds, dogs and other animals with medical facility

In ApnaGhar not only humans but also all other living beings are being served. For the service of accidental sick cows, other animals and birds JeevSewaGrah is being run by the organization at Bharatpur Ashram. For all these animals and birds separate residential facilities are being made available by the organization. In this Home the facilities of Government veterinary sub-center, LSA of the organization, operation theatre are available. There are more than 250 such types of helpless accidental cows, animals and other birds are being served in this home at present.

Malnourished Home separate for Male and Female

The Prabhujis are generally rescued in a very unhygienic, dirty, and painful conditions. At their places of living they generally do not have proper food, medicine, or even water therefore they become malnourished and so weak that they are unable even to move. For these Prabhuji Malnourished Ward having proper nutrition with iron, protein, vitamins, and minerals supplement diet is being made available separately for males and females.

Param Sewa Grah for severe ill Male and Female

This home is for critical Prabhuji who need twenty-four-hour care, support, and medication requirement and who are unable to do their daily routine work. All facilities like medicine, food and other at the individual level are made available as per their need.

Gau Niketan (Cowshed): for fulfillment of  the need of Milk to the Prabhuji

To fulfill the requirement of milk to the Prabhu Ji, GauNiketan (Cowshed) is being run at Bajhera Ashram of the Organization. There are figure of cows in this shed which produce 125+Ltr. milk. The construction for this Gau-Niketan has been done by Sh Ramswroop ji Agrawal, Mumbai in memory of his beloved mother.

Skill Development Programmes run by Apna Ghar Helpline at Bharatpur

Computer Training for poor needy girls

Apna Ghar helpline Bharatpur is a branch of the Organisation which is running computer training for very poor needy girls so that these girls may become self-reliant and look after their poor families. In this Computer training centre more than 550 girls have been trained so far without any charges.

Tailoring Training center for poor needy girls

Tailoring training for the poor needy girls are also being provided by the Helpline without any charges. Up to date more than 450 girls have been trained and now involved in the sewing of dress of the Prabhuji and getting their payment accordingly. By this these girls not only got training here but also get employment.

Samaj se Samaj ki aur

There are so many families for whom the cloths and other items having nominal defects become unusable. These cloths become useful for the poor and needy families. So under this project the cloths and other items which are unusable for the well to do families collected at helpline and there after distributed to the poor needy ones. More than 40000 persons have been benefitted so far under this project.

AC Taboot and Hearse Van

In AC Taboot, dead body can be kept and protected up to 60 days. AC Taboot is provided without any charges to the needy families in Bharatpur District. Since the funeral places are generally far away from the home of many families so it becomes difficult to take the dead body on shoulders up to funeral places. Therefore hearse van is also being provided to the needy families without any charges by the organisation.

Apna Ghar Sewa Samities

Rescue of Prabhuji and send them to nearest Apna Ghar Ashram

The main objective of the Apna Ghar Sewa Samities is to rescue the homeless helpless destitute persons of their area and provide them first aid and admit them in the nearest Apna Ghar Ashram so that the helpless destitute Prabhuji get medical and other services without any delay and their life can be saved.

Running water Huts at water scares places during summer

During the summer season, there is always a scarcity of water at various busy localities of city areas. So looking the need of water at these places ‘Water Huts’ run by the samities every year during summer season free of cost. During this year ……. Water huts has been run by the samities of the organisation. More than 50 such type of water huts run by the samities at needy places in the peak season of summer every year.

Educational Support for needy

To strengthen the base of the education of slum schools children ‘Apna Ghar Tuition Pathshala is being organized by the Apna Ghar Sewa Samiti Bharatpur. Additional classes with separate teachers have been deputed under this pathshala so that the base of these children can be improved. Apart from that distribution of study materials, dresses to the needy poor students of government schools in slumps are also done by the samities of the organization every year.

Renovation of Crematorium

Samities are also working for the renovation of crematorium in their areas. The members of the samities also organize the cleaning of the crematorium.

Blood donation camps

Blood donation camps as per need and on the foundation day of the organisation are also organised by the samities. More than 300 units blood collected during the year through these blood donation camps. Not only members of the organization, local persons as well participate in the blood donation camps organized by the organization every year.

Medical check-up health camps

Medical health check-up camps (routine and super speciality) are also organised by the samities for the poor needy persons free of charges. These camps are generally organized at Apna Ghar Helpline and at Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur, the headquarter of the organization. So many persons are benefitted from these camps every year.

Collection of relief for National and other calamity

During National Calamities, the organization plays an important role to provide relief for the affected persons. Till date we have provided relief in Bihar Koshi Flood calamity during 2009, Kedarnath Tragedy- 2013, Jammu Kashmir Flood- 2014, Nepal earthquake- 2015 and Kerala flood tragedy during 2018. For this one team of the organization immediately visited the affected areas to provide relief and samities and Ashrams organized camps for collection of relief in their areas so that maximum relief can be provided to the affected persons.

Support in marriage, specially for needy girls

The organization provides support in the marriage of girls related to very poor families. Apart from that the girls Prabhuji residing in the ashram, those who get to the age of marriage and fully recovered, the organization arranges the marriage of these girls by selecting a suitable match for them in the society.

Plantation during rainy season

To save the environment, samities organise plantation at various places every year. These plants are cared by members of the Ashram and samities so that plantation can be made successful. Apart from that beautiful gardens have been developed at Bharatpur Ashram and other Ashrams of the organization.

Committe Members

S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Miss. Babita Gulati President 9660149394
2 Shri Bhudev Sharma Secretary 9414023794
3 Shri Basant Lal Gupta Finance Secretary 9414376852

Bank Account Details

S.No. Account Name Bank Name IFSC Code Account No.
1 Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan Bharatpur PNB Bank Bachhamdi PUNB0261900 26190001000243543
2 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur PNB Bank Bachhamdi PUNB0261900 2619000100034136
3 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur SBI Bank U.I.T. SBIN0031855 61032211818
4 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur SBI Bank Khumher Gate SBIN0002313 31625942283
5 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur Baroda Rajasthan KshetriyaGramin Bank BARBOBRGBXX 44870100001369

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