Apna Ghar Ashram, Headquarter Bharatpur

On 29 June 2000 the organization “Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan, Apna Ghar” was established at village Bajhera, District Bharatpur of Rajasthan (India), only 40 k.m away from world-famous Taj Mahal Agra by Dr. B.M.Bhardwaj and Dr. Madhuri Bhardwaj. To serve the homeless helpless destitute sick persons who are facing a very painful phase of life, the Organization established ‘Apna Ghar.’ Ashram (Residential home for destitute).

Along with their helpmates, Dr. Bhardwaj couple is continuing their mission to give homage, hope and happiness to homeless, destitute, oppressed, helpless, abandoned, mentally and psychically sick, injured, infected, old aged and dying condition persons. These persons are generally found on the railway station, bus stand, religious and other public places in very unhygienic, critically diseased and painful condition. Nobody comes forward to help or even to touch them. So due to lack of food, medicine, and care, their condition becomes more and more critical and even they generally go towards lingering and painful death. All of our efforts are to reduce their pain, save their lives and give them a homely environment with Food, Shelter, and medical Treatment without any charges. After recovery, the Organization rehabilitates them in various ways so that they can live with respect and dignity and also they can stand themselves in the mainstream of the society.

Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur (Rajasthan), the headquarter of the Organisation, is one of the biggest institutions (Ashram) of its category regarding capacity, number of Prabhu Ji. (Inmates), specification and specialties. More than 3000 Prabhu Ji are residing and taken care of in this Ashram at present. In this Ashram, not only the helpless human beings but also helpless accidental sick cows, other animals, and birds are providing treatment, care, and shelter.

To provide immediate services for every needy helpless sick person and their immediate rescue from spot there are 38 Apna Ghar Sewa Samities and 58 Helplines are presently working in various cities in India.

The object of the Organisation is to make these persons productive for their family and society, so after recovery, more than 20000 such Prabhu Ji has been rehabilitated to date in 23 different states of India including Nepal and Bangladesh.

National Executive

S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Dr. Madhuri Bhardwaj Patron 9950280024
2 Mr. Mohanlal Agarwal Patron 9219511702
3 Mr. Subhash Gupta Patron 9820071389
4 Mr. Ramswaroop Agarwal Patron 9820010530
5 Shri Veerpal Singh Patron 9414714470
6 Shri N.P. Singh President 9414001538
7 Shri Raj Kumar Sharma Secretary 9509071200
8 Shri Ashok Munddha Finance Secretary 9672979142
9 Shri Nanuram Jindal Vice President 9810341942
10 Shri Arvind Sharma Advisor 9414357766
11 Shri Vinod Singhal Advisor 9414268106
12 Smt Kavita Singh Executive Member 9460291970
13 Dr. Suleman Khan Executive Member 8094877010

Founder Members of the organisation

S.No. Name Contact No.
1 Dr. Madhuri Bhardwaj 9680800720
2 Dr. BM Bhardwaj 9950737673
3 Mr. Arvind Sharma 8094019298
4 Mr. Umesh Chand Sharma 9460456100
5 Mr. Veerpal Singh 9672062490
6 Mr. KP Sharma 7597759261
7 Mr. Mahesh Bansal 9982438775
8 Mr. Chandrashekhar Gupta 8559853889
9 Mr. Satish Chand Singhal 9414224664
10 Mrs. Kusumlata Agrawal 9610534775
11 Mrs. Sunita Sharma 9414307414
12 Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta 9414714297
13 Dr. RS Gupta 9269978378
14 Mr. Sardar Singh 9414413466
15 Mr. Mohanlal Agrawal 9414025664
16 Mr. NP Singh 9414001538
17 Mr. Rajkumar Agrawal 9414714163
18 Mr. Sushil Khandelwal 8432692013
19 Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singhal 9413594925
20 Mr. Shankarlal Gupta 9414268555
21 Dr. Suresh Chand Saxena 9461073716
22 Mr. Satish Chand Gupta (Retd. Engr) 9414344298
23 Mr. Sanjay Shrivastav 9414303586
24 Mr. Shyambihari Singhal 9414320122
25 Mrs. Kavita Singh 9460291970
26 Miss Babita Gulati 8764396811
27 Mr. Kedarnath Bansal 9414376339
28 Mr. Avadhesh Sharma 9984041005
29 Mr. Ashok Khatri 9460012121
30 Mr. Ashok Kumar Agrawal 9414458736
31 Mr. Radheyshyam Gupta (Retd. BDO) 9461637591
32 Mr. Narendra Tiwari 9414942415
33 Mr. Satyanarayan Beriwal 9324425869
34 Mr. Ramswarup Agrawal 9820010530
35 Mr. Subhash Chand Gupta 9820071389
36 Mr. Rampal Bagri 9810882457
37 Mr. Rajesh Khatri 9811114825
38 Mr. Ghanshyam Holkar 9314179253
39 Mr. Bhupendra Sarraf 9414236903
40 Mr. Hanuman Jhanwar 9672979142
41 Mr. Ashok Mundra 9672979142
42 Mr. Mohanlal Agrawal 9219511702
43 Mr. Ashok Bansal 9810212213
44 Mr. Vinod Khandelwal 9413671336

Bank Account Details

S.No. Ashram Name Bank Name IFSC Code Account No.
1 Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan Bharatpur PNB Bank Bachhamdi PUNB0261900 26190001000243543
2 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur PNB Bank Bachhamdi PUNB0261900 2619000100034136
3 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur SBI Bank U.I.T. SBIN0031855 61032211818
4 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur SBI Bank Khumher Gate SBIN0002313 31625942283
5 Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur Baroda Rajasthan KshetriyaGramin Bank BARBOBRGBXX 44870100001369

Contact us

Achnera Road, Bjehra, Bharatpur-321001 (Rajasthan)