Thakur Ji (God) !!

The requirement of the Prabhooji (*inmates) of Apna Ghar Ashrams is hereby submitted for your kind consideration as follows:-

  1. Medicine for all ashram accept Delhi.
  2. Food items (wheat, Rice, Pulses, Sugar, Oil, Ghee and etc. for all ashrams).
  3. Cloths (Kurta, Pajama, Bed sheets, Pillow Cover) for all Ashrams.
  4. 5 Ambulance for different Ashrams.
  5.  Construction material (iron, cement and brick and sand etc ) for bharatpur, delhi, Goverdhan Ashrams.
  6. Beds for Bharatpur and Delhi.
  7. Celling fan and exhaust for Bharatpur and Delhi.
  8. Electric and water fitting items for Bharatpur and Delhi Ashrams.
  9. Land for Bikaner, jodhpur, kota, ajmer and Jaipur.
  10. Chapati Making machine, Commercial laundry and all establishment items of Apna Ghar Ashram, Budhpur, Alipur Delhi and Bharatpur Ashram.
  11. Honorium for sewasathi (staff) for all ashram.
  12. Care takers, nursing staff, Doctors and professionals for all ashram.
  13. Steam system with boiler for Bharatpur ashram.
  14. Animal ambulance for Bharatpur.

Unconditional Services: Data relating to rehabilitations, no of Prabhu Ji in ashrams, monthly admission, rehab., total ashrams, samities, helpline, total cows, animals, birds.


Apna Ghar Parivaar