!! Letter To God !!

The ideology of the organization is that the needs of all living creatures of the world are being fulfilled by the Almighty God. As per the above ideology, all requirements of Prabhuji of ApnaGhar Ashrams are endorsed to the Thakur ji by writing a letter named as “Thakur Ji Ki Chitthi (Letter to God)” on the board fixed at every Ashrams. In this letter to God,  Ashram’s requirement even from needle to food items, medicine and related items, land, building, clothing, service staff, doctors, professionals and even needs for last rituals of Prabhuji are submitted to the Thakur ji. At present there are 54 ApnaGhar Ashrams, more than 9700 Prabhuji residing there and per day expenses is more than 13 lakh, still nobody from Ashram go for collection of donation outside, no amount received from government, to fulfill these requirements of the Prabhuji, Thakur ji comes in the form of different human beings and this system is running continuously from the establishment of the organization till date.

The “letter to God” includes-

  1. Food and grocery items
  2. Medicines and medical related items
  3. Ambulances and other vehicles
  4. Land and Building materials
  5. Caretakers, other staff and professionals
  6. Beds and furniture
  7. Clothes
  8. Cleaning items
  9. Honorarium of staff