Apna Ghar Blind, Deaf and Dumb School Ajmer

Every child who takes birth on this earth has right to take education. However, all children on earth are not alike because of some physical disabilities. To overcome the problem of such children, we at our school started deaf and mute education on 15th December 2015.

A Home for Deaf And Dumb Kids

Establishment- The school was provided by the state government of Rajasthan which was inaugrated by Smt. Vasundhra Raje, honourable CM of Rajasthan. The school has been started with only two students in hope for more, who are coming from families living below the poverty line. These children are shunned, denied a childhood and given the opportunities to grow into normal adults. At present 93 students are being taken care of in this school. All study material, residential and other facilities are being provided to them by the organization with the help of state government.

We provide residential education to :
• Hearing impaired children
• Visually impaired children
• Deaf Blind children
• Mute children

100 blind, deaf and dumb students can take shelter under this roof. One can hear the sounds made by the waves from the school. The ambience over there is quite peaceful and charming. It is calm and peaceful because of the surroundings and it is charming because of the innocent smile of kids. The kids got very excited while taking pictures. Sky is the limit to their happiness when they got involved in playing.

Blind, Deaf, dumb and hard of hearing children often face being ‘left out’ in social and family circle.

Medical Facilities

They are provided with a dispensary with all necessary medicines. There is also a major surgical department so that they could get proper treatment under trained nurses and doctors.


We provide free education to all students with lodging and boarding facilities. The education is conducted by the specially trained teachers and with the equipments like hearing aid, speech trainer, slide projector computer etc.

Computer Lab & Classrooms

The teachers would have the computers as a resource library of readymade lessons to be delivered to the children. Classrooms are equipped according to their basic needs and educational requirements so that students and teachers,can achieve more language, speech and other academic skills.


Some simple changes in their life can make them happy. We are here to take all possible steps to make them independent so that they could raise their head high with pride. The school helps children to find qualities in them and fight the world. We provide innovative education, good infrastructure and staff to take care of them.

Committee  Members

S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Shri Satish Rathi President 9829072438
2 Mr. Dinesh Pranami Secretary 9214839389
3 Shri Ramesh Mittal Finance Secretary 9214910253

Bank Account Details

S.No. Account Name Bank Name IFSC Code Account No.
1 Apna Ghar Mook Badhir Drishtiheen Awaasiya Vidyalaya SBI Bank SBIN0015309 34880535441

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Kotda, Ajmer (Rajasthan)