Join the Services As a Volunteer

The Organisation is providing opportunities not only for the homeless helpless destitute Prabhuji but also for those persons who want to do something for others in their life. This is the biggest platform for the volunteers in the field of service. There are so many different field for service like Old Age, Child Home, Education, Health, M.R, Mentally Sick, Infectious diseases like T.B., AIDS, Hepatitis, Medical associated professionals, Veterinary field, Cooking field, Building construction, Horticulture, Administration, I.T. Sector, Accounts and Finance, Social Worker, Mechanic, Cow Service, other living beings service etc. are available for the volunteers. So We look for volunteers who are pro-active, enthusiastic and hard working. Volunteers have made such an invaluable contribution to The Apna Ghar's work in the past and we are always looking for fresh ideas and skills. We ask that volunteers should apply so that we get the information that we need to match our expectations and yours.

    New volunteer

    Following info is required

    Area you will be interested

    (i) Medical

    DoctorsNursing staff

    (ii) Professionals


    (iii) Office Management

    Computer operatorsStoreAccounts

    (iv) Direct Prabhuji Services

    Direct Services at any levelSupervision

    (v) Education

    Vocational TrainersTeachers

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