Apna Ghar Ashram, Ajmer

This Ashram was established on 3 July 2011, in the building provided by the state government of Rajasthan. The capacity of this building is of 75 beds. All requirements of this Ashram are fulfilled by the public support. This Ashram provides residential facilities and service to those helpless destitute persons who are found in the area of Ajmer divisional headquarter.

The excess number of inmates Beyond capacity, transferred to Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur. In January 2012 a separate building of residential capacity of 25 inmates is provided by state government for mentally retarded home. This home is running with the support of state government.The present strength of inmates in this Ashram is 97.

Apna Ghar Blind, Deaf and Dumb School Ajmer
A Home for Deaf And Dumb Kids

Every child who takes birth on this earth has right to take education. However, all children on earth are not alike because of some physical abilities. To overcome the problem of such children we at our school started deaf and mute education on 15th December 2015.

Establishment- The school was provided by the state government of Rajasthan which was inaugurated on 15th December 2015 by Smt. Vasundhra Raje, honorable CM of Rajasthan.

We provide free residential education to :
• Hearing-impaired children
• Visually impaired children
• Deaf-Blind children
• Mute children

100 blind, deaf and dumb students can take shelter under this roof.At present 77 such children are residing and taking education in this school

Aim of the School

The aim of this home is to change the lives who can’t afford to pay and those who are helpless and physically and mentally challenged children.

“One of the most effective ways to learn about oneself is by taking seriously the cultures of others. It attracts you to pay attention to those details of life which differentiate them from you.”

Committee  Members

S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Shri Vishnu Prakash Garg President 9928080353
2 Shri Satish Rathi Secretary 9667391145
3 Shri Ramesh Mittal Finance Secretary 9214910253

Bank Account  Details

S.No. Ashram Name Bank Name IFSC Code Account No.
1 Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan Kotda Ajmer SBI Bank SBIN0015309 34880535441

Contact us

Janana Hospital Road, Lohagal, Ajmer-305001 (Rajsthan)