Apna Ghar Ashram Bhopal

The 50 beds residential capacity building for this Ashram was provided by HEG Company on rent with the efforts of the chief executive of the company Sh Manish Gulati Ji. The initial cost and deficit in running cost for this Ashram is being borne by the company right now. The company is also planning for construction of a separate building for male and female Ashrams. All required facilities such as treatment, food, clothing, residence and other necessities are provided to the prabhuji (inmates) without any charges. The male prabhuji beyond capacity and females transfer to Apna Ghar Ashram Bharatpur at present.

Committee  Members

S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Office Contact No. 7489125480
2 Sh Shailendra Tyagi Ashram Coordinator 7014391421
3 Shri Atul Yadav Company Representative 8878699928
S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Shri  Ritu Bansal President 9815557665
2 Shri Vivek Nagle Secretary 9826160032
3 Shri Atul Yadav Finance Secretary 8878699928

Bank Account Details

S.No. Ashram Name Bank Name IFSC Code Account No.
1 Apna Ghar Ashram Bhopal PNB Bank Bachhamdi PUNB0261900 2619000100313648

Contact us

113B, Hoshangabad Road, Vidhyanagar, Bhopal