In the process of expansion & diversification, Thakur Ji [Tha Almighty] blessed the organization with another service opportunity in the form of Gaushala. This Gaushala is widespread across 70 Bigha. Sheds availability for approx. 800 Gauvansh [cows] was there while 1450 Gaumata & Nandis were residing. It was being operated by Municipal Corporation, Bharatpur. This Gaushala was in very pathetic & painful condition as there was no proper facility for even feeding & cleaning of Gaumata. Gaumatas were regularely leading to painful death in lack of feed & water. The situation was so terrible that on an average 15 Gaumatas were dying everyday. All this was scenario was regularely being raised by different newspapers everyday.

Keeping in mind these kind of situations, a proposal was given by Apna Ghar to Corporation for the operation of the Gaushala which was gratefully accepted taking into consideration the condition of Gaumatas. Apna Ghar Organisation immediately purchased 1 generator, 2 tractors, 2 trolleys, 1 loader & 2 water tankers for improvement & betterment of the services to Gaumatas. Apart from that, additional sheds for 1100 Gaumatas, water storage tank, garage, Saint Awaas, Sewasathi awaas, Guard room & Gau Abhishek Ghat are being constructed. At Gau Abhishek Ghat, Gaumatas can take the bath by the means of showers.

In  operational managements, organization is taking care of ‘Infrastructure, transport, staff, Khal, Daana [Feeds] & overall operations’ while ‘Chara [Green Feed], Electricity & Last rituals’ parts are being taken care of by Municipal Corporation.