Apna Ghar Prabhu Prakalp is both a home and a hospital where any person who is in pain either physically or emotionally would be healed. It is an ideal place where such persons can get relief in both the above situations and can always ensure that there is someone to empathize their feelings cum pain and thus ready to care to provide all type of support so that they should feel that they are not alone. This Prakalp has been meticulously constructed looking into the basic needs both physically and emotionally of the Prabhuji. The residential and other facilities have therefore been developed in this project by considering the complete needs of the Prabhuji as per their disease, age, habits, traditions and daily essential requirements. So, under first phase of this project, a total of 26 types of Residential Homes for the above different categories of Prabhuji have been constructed. Apart from it, to fulfil the requirement of food, a special kitchen have also been developed in such a way that the food can be prepared as per need of an individual Prabhuji.
For the emotional healings of the Prabhuji, a Cafeteria have also been developed under first phase of this project to fulfil the daily food requirements as per the taste and appetite of the Prabhuji. A mini-Theatre have also been constructed for the entertainment of Prabhuji to fulfil their spiritual and cultural needs. A Shopping Centre have also been developed in this project to cater the personal needs of the Prabhuji. At Sopping centre, any Prabhuji can buy various personal items as per their need and desire. We are sure that the development of Cafeteria, Theatre and Shopping Centre will definitely play an important and fruitful role in different types of healing in Prabhuji which will develop confidence, faith and mind set of the Prabhujis.
In these homes, the Prabhujis will be admitted from all over the country and will be accommodated irrespective of any disease and its severity, physical and mental disability, infection, age, language, gender, habit, food need, skill, religion, cast and creed. After admission, the Organization will take care of all the needs of the Prabhujis like treatment, food, clothing, home, social and religious touch, education, training, counselling, love and care and rehabilitation as per the need of individual Prabhuji so that they can become healthy, remain happy and join the mainstream of the society with honour and dignity.
The construction of Phase-I buildings is in finishing stage and its inauguration is scheduled on 01st January 2023. The details of construction made under Phase-I, of this project are as under:-
  • CAMPUS-2: A-Ground Floor: 2 Nos. Children Homes (Age 0 to 1.5 & 1.5 to 4,) having capacity 45 & 35 beds, 4 Nos. Mother’s Homes having capacity 50, 50, 55 & 55 beds.
    B-First Floor: 2 Nos. Children Homes (Age 4 to 10 & 10 to 18) having capacity 30 & 20 beds, 4 Nos. Mentally Retarded Homes having capacity 50, 50, 55 & 55 beds.
    C-Second Floor: Library for children
  • CAMPUS-3:  A-Ground Floor: Cardiac Home (capacity 70 beds), Diabetic Home (Capacity 70 beds), 2 Nos Hospice Homes having capacity 32 beds each, Pain Home (Capacity 80 beds), Respiratory Home (capacity 75 beds) & Physically Disabled Home (capacity 45 beds).
    B-First Floor: 2 Nos. Mentally Retarded Home (Capacity 45 beds each), 4 Nos Specific Home (Capacity 75, 75, 80 & 80 beds), Volunteers Home (Capacity 45 beds).
    C-Second Floor: Tailoring Training Centre (for 50 Prabhuji at a time) Area 3200 sqft & store.
    This kitchen is one of the largest Kitchen in India having capacity to prepare food for 11000 Prabhuji. There will be separate parts in it to prepare food as per need of the Prabhuji. Latest machinery and equipment have been fixed in this Kitchen. It has a centralized store in its basement and sewasathi quarters on non-fire zone of first floor. One specific kitchen, to prepare food as per need of individual Prabhuji has also been developed in this kitchen.
    To fulfil the desire and need of individual Prabhuji this Cafeteria have been planned and developed to prepare all such food like south Indian dishes, fast food, sweets, dry fruits, namkeens, bakery items etc. so as to satisfy all Prabhujis.
    This facility of providing special food items will be available twice a month to every single Prabhuji. It will have luxury at a picnic by eating their favourite food items in the new outing atmosphere.
    Apna Ghar Prabhu Prakalp is not just a shelter home but will facilitate all such activities available to a common citizen to enjoy the life. So, considering the overall need of the Prabhujis, [ whether physically or emotionally] this Theatre concept have been developed in this project so that Prabhujis can enjoy the lives and simultaneously entertain themselves by watching meaningful cinema as per their desire and wish.
    A Shopping Centre have also been developed in this project to fulfil the personal needs of the Prabhujis. At this Shopping centre, the Prabhuji can purchase different personal items as per their desire and wish. The Virtual Currency will be made available to Prabhuji for such purchases by the organization. Though the organization is providing all these items at present yet when Prabhuji will get these items as per their choice then they definitely will have a different feeling of satisfaction, happiness and contentment on their faces and in their consciousness.
    The services of the Organization are expanding all over the country. There are more than 50 Apna Ghar Ashrams are running in 12 States of India and the expansion of Bharatpur Ashram is also being done. For this, the staff for the exclusive services being provided by the organization requires a regular base training. The Organization has prepared need-based service manuals to guide our staff. These manuals fulfil all the requirements of the organization. To train our staff effectively, a training centre having sitting capacity of 150 has been developed. In this training centre, the training can be provided to the 50 types of the staff of the organization with refresher course to the existing staff.
    At headquarter, different types of meetings for the General Body, Executive, Ashrams, Coordinators, Samities, Staff, Supporters and Visitors are being organized on regular basis. For this, a meeting hall having sitting arrangements for 300 participants has been constructed in phase first.
    For dining facilities of the visitors, staff members, volunteer Prabhuji & for programmes that are being held from time to time. a 500-dining capacity at a time has been constructed.
    Prabhuji will be admitted first in the Abhishek Bhawan where their cleaning, bathing, dressing, counselling and all immediate required services etc. with all required investigations and diagnosis will be done. Thereafter they will be shifted to their allotted ward as per their disease and service needs.
    Office plays a very important role for the effective working of any institution. This Office of the Organization will work on two levels, one for Ashrams and other for the head office. There are different sections for different duties of the staff in the office.
    Arrangements of residential, medical, furniture, machinery and equipment, laundry, kitchen equipment and utensils, cafeteria equipment and utensils, shopping centre items, theatre, meeting hall, dining and training centre furniture and equipment, office furniture and other set-up will be arranged for this project.
    This project should function effectively and systematically, a boundary wall of 2.5 kilometres, electric system, water system, drainage system, sewerage system, CCTV network, internet facilities have been made/installed for overall campus development.