HIV Home separate for Male and Female

In present society, these Prabhuji are facing a very painful phase of life due to the social stigma of HIV. These Prabhuji compel to face the rudeness of their family and pain of this disease. Even the family abandon these persons when they know about this disease due to social stigma and these persons have to face the very harsh and painful condition of life on roads and also they are abused there and it becomes very dangerous for the society. Although in this stage, they need more care and support of their near and dear ones. For the support of these persons, ApnaGhar has separate male and female homes having capacity 50 each where more than 110 such types of Prabhuji are residing in these homes. There are special arrangements for treatment, care, food and counselling to these Prabhujis at an individual level in ApnaGhar. Due to proper care and treatment they have less possibility of secondary infections. While on the roadsides they were unable to save themselves, now in ApnaGhar they are providing services and support to other helpless persons and live with respect and dignity.