The number of mentally unhealthy persons is largest in Apna Ghar. Since there treatment part is lifelong so it is very difficult for the families to handle them. Therefore due to poorness and social status their families generally abandon them at religious and other public places or due to negligence these persons part from their families. There is no care, food and other facilities for them in these places so the condition of these persons decrease day by day and have many infectious problems. In this harsh and painful conditions the organisation rescue them from various places like railway station, religious and other public places. There are more than 2500 such type of Prabhujis residing and are under treatment right now. There are separate arrangements for these Prabhujis as per their condition mild, moderate and severe and also separate campus for male and female. In these homes, alongwith with proper treatment, food, clothing, care etc the facility of entertainment, prayer, yoga are also available. Besides this, the mentally unhealthy persons having other disease, fracture, TB, HIV etc. are provided separate arrangements and facilities for the same.