Tuberculosis Home separate for Male and Female

These homeless helpless sick Prabhujis are generally found in very dirty and unhygienic conditions and are very fragile about tuberculosis in these malnourished conditions and there are no medical facilities available for them as they have no identity card with them. In ApnaGhar Ashram there are separate homes for males and females for these Prabhujis having capacity 50 each, where more than 80 patients always remain in these homes and this process is going on and on. The quality treatment for these Prabhuji is being made available through government DOTs and also at the organisation level. Routine check-up, X-ray and pathological tests are conducted regularly. Protein supplements, vitamins, minerals are given regularly as per doctor's advice and a high calorie diet is provided as per need of these patients. By this, the recovery of these Prabhu Ji is going very fast and more than 12 Prabhuji rehabilitates every month by this process.