In this regard, people who want to work on our concept and to start Apna Ghar Ashram, contact us if they feel that they can be able to do these services. We motivate them to start the services and provide them system, technology, training and all other requirements they need. We are always available with them in their problems and challenges. We take the liabilities and responsibilities in their difficult situations so that they can feel easy and remain peaceful with these services.

If they are not in a position to handle critical patients, we are ready to accept all such patients. For this reason, it becomes easy to replicate the ideology because every person who wants to start Apna Ghar Ashram in their areas feels easy and safe. At present, 54 such Apna Ghar Ashrams are running as the branch of the Organization under replicate process out of which 19 Ashrams belongs to other Organizations. This process of replication is ongoing and more and more persons and organizations are contacting to start these services.

Changed Mind set

The services provided by the organization directly sensitize the people towards helpless destitute persons and generate faith in society. The service for these living beings is being treated as service to God by society. So many people are coming to ApnaGhar every month through buses or personal vehicles by fixing banners of ” Apna Ghar ki Tirth Yatra ” (A holy visit to ApnaGhar) on their vehicles.
The services provided by the organization motivate the society to serve their near and dear ones and refrain them to leave such persons in abandoned stage on roads. They feel themselves motivated with the facts that volunteers and members of ApnaGhar serve so many helpless destitute persons although they have no relationship with them, then why not they should take care of their type of near and dear ones.
Apna Ghar Ashrams also provide platform and opportunities to the persons who believe in the services of helpless destitute living beings. They can attach themselves in the services of the ApnaGhar Ashrams in many ways to help these hopeless helpless destitute living beings.


The organization has provided admission to 31500 homeless helpless sick people till date.


Out of 18500 has been rehabilitated either to their families or by other means after recovery. 8000 severe patients or old aged could not be saved in spite of all medical supports and been cremated as per rituals.

Inmates Prabhu Ji

At present, 4982 homeless helpless destitute persons are residing and being served in ApnaGhar Ashrams running by the organization.


The organization provides direct employment to 517 persons in ApnaGhar Ashrams. This staff includes office, medical, kitchen, supervisors, caretakers, drivers, guard, electrician, Washerman, Gardner, etc.

  • The Organisation is working for the last needy person i.e. homeless helpless orphans going towards lingering death.
  • Every such person gets admission in the Ashram whether the accommodation is available or not. Because the needy outside the Ashram has the first right on the resources of the Ashrams.
  • The services are being executed by directly involving the society. So many volunteers are getting involved in the services for these persons in the Ashrams.
  • The services provided in the Ashrams are as per the need of the inmates living in the Ashram not as per the resources available.
  • No donation is collected from the society directly but a letter to God is placed at the board of the Organisation in every Ashram and the demand written on the display board is always fulfilled by God through various human beings, those who visit the Ashram.
  • The Organisation has its own system to pick up the helpless orphan destitute person from the spot. Ambulances and team at the Ashrams always remain ready to attend every call received through by any means.
  • To reach every such needy, Samities and Helplines constituted by the Organisation at local level are also available in many cities, so that service to that needy can be provided without any delay. These Samities and Helplines are working as referral centres for the needy persons found in their areas.

Our Presence

There are 54 Apna Ghar Ashrams are running presently in 11 States of India and one in Kathmandu Nepal where more than 9700+ such types of Prabhuji (Inmates) are being residing and being served by the Organisation.
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