Service of homeless hopeless helpless sick Prabhuji is our worship and prayer. There is no award made for worship and prayer anywhere in the world. Also, we feel that the happiness and bliss on the faces of our Prabhujis living in Apna Ghar Ashrams is the true award and gives us the most satisfaction.On the basis of the above, the material award has no sense as we got the highest award from the Almighty.

Our Presesnce

This organization is opening more Apna Ghar Ashram in major cities in India. At present 54 Apna Ghar Ashrams are running by the organization.

‘Apna Ghar’ Sewa Samities

Samities are running by the organization at district & tehsil level for the services of these persons. Samities are working as a referral center. Any helpless found in their area can be admitted in nearby ‘Apna Ghar’ Ashram by the samity.

‘Apna Ghar’ Helpline

Any place where individual volunteers come forward to join the mission of ‘Apna Ghar’ Organisation establishes the ‘Apna Ghar’ Helpline. Helpline workers have to provide immediate services to the helpless destitute persons found in their area.